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Ortolina was the first ready sauce on the market: since many years in the kitchens and in the hearts of Italians and it's still there. Since it was on the market it's synomimos of goodness and practicality. Only 100% italian tomato, many good vegetables and olive oil: genuine, simple and appetizing.

The symbol of our company enriches its recipe, to make Ortolina sauce more delicious, perfect for who loves stronger taste.

Ortolina Sauce Squeezer with 100% italian tomato and vegetables.

Ortolina Sauce Squeezer with 100% italian tomato and vegetables, in spicy version.

Simple and wholesome chopped tomato which keeps the taste of fresh tomato just picked.

Creamy Finely chopped tomatoes which preserves the taste and sweetness of the tomato.

Ortolina Passata gives to your plates all the freshness of the tomato just picked.

The Rustica tomato puree made with all parts of the tomatoes gives to your dishes the traditional taste and look of original italian recipes.

Our organic tomatoes come from the field situated in the Food Valley, close to our processing plants. Ortolina organic line, composed by Passata and Polpa, in accordance with ICEA certified,is made with respect of the environmental, using farming techniques with a low environmental impact.

Tomato paste, based on the degree of concentration of its juice, with its intense and unique color is ideal to give your plates a touch of flavour and bring to your recipes a strong taste.

Prodotti 1-10 di 17