Dried Vegetables

We produce vegetables dehydrated using the Air Dry method, ie by bringing hot and dry air with washed and cut vegetables. This process requires a great technological in order to maintain unchanged the characteristics of the fresh vegetables as much as possible. First of all the supply channels of raw materials must be absolutely reliable, as far as timing and product volumes are concerned, and also with respect to the quality standardization. Our factory layout can manage not only the large production capacity necessary for mass production, such as for tomatoes, but also the operational flexibility that allows us to work with niche products, in smaller volumes, without loss of efficiency. The fresh vegetables enter into the production line, they undergo a first stage of processing, which can vary depending on the type of product. After this phase, which may be washing, sorting, cutting, blanching, the product is transferred on the belts, which transport it inside of the drying hoods, where it is hit by a stream of hot and dry air, which eliminates the water contained in the fresh product. Through various stages, at controlled temperatures, variable in function of the product type, the vegetable comes out at the end of the line with a less than 5% water content. From here the closed packs are transferred to storage warehouses, to be brought to the size required by the user, from granules to whole pieces.