Mission: quality

From the field to your kitchen, the best flavour come from the nature

Natural ingredients

Field, sun and water: that’s what tomato needs to get strong and to grow up healty. When the tomatoes are reaching the right intense red color, we know that’s the moment. We wait patiently that the tomato gets to the degree of ripeness because it’s the moment where it develops its magnificent taste.

Local processing

What makes the difference is the time between harvesting and processing: our tomatoes are harvested at the right degree of ripeness and they come to our production plants within 24 hours. This is the key to keep intact the taste and the nutritional values of the tomato just picked, excellent antioxidant and very important partner for your health.

Sustainable production

We are strongly committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of our activities on the environment to preserve the earth for the future generations.
The environmental impact of our company is continuously measured and improved with the aim to optimize the water consumption and guarantee the correct usage of the natural resources.

Company Ethics

We believe in a workplace based on the respect, trust and collaborations.
We choose to adopt an ethical code to share our values, responsabilty towards our collaborators to pass on our business principles.


Reliability, trasparence and continuous researches are the values that permit us to offer tasty but, above all, heathy and wholesome products.
The certifications we’ve obtained show the respect of strict control processes in each part of our production system.