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Mansueto, very keen on history and ex member of the Italian alpine troops, decided to label tomato-made products manufactured in Ozzano with the Alpino brand. Alpino has always been a reference point for Food Service channel: a precious ingredient to prepare main courses, sauce and pizza.

Ortolina came in your kitchen in the '50s. Since 1936 almost nothing has changed. Ortolina line offers not only the unique tube but also other delicious products: chopped tomatoes and crushed tomatoes, tomato purèe, tomato paste and organic line to get more taste to your plates

Ardita Food service is a product-line of tomato, studied especially for pizza-restaurants and public catering, in Italy and abroad.The quantity of tomatoes used for our products is greater than the one used in similar products, to obtain a better yield in the recipes. Distinctive flavour and better yield in the kitchen are the main characteristics of the Ardita line.

Rodolfi, has made own-brand products to enhance the company brand and with the aim of improving its commercial penetration. Tomato paste, tomato puree, crushed and chopped tomato, pesti are the specialty of the Rodolfi line.

We've been producing and supplying the tomato powder for over 50 years. Our modern systems for the production of tomato powder have been designed accurately and they are continuously updated. Our offer includes also tomato flakes and dried vegetables. In addition, we produce a wide range of semi-finished tomato products for the food industry, those are available in aseptic bags from about 200 Kg or in cassapallet from about 1000 kg.